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Xbox Series X and Series S review and prices in Ghana


Foster Dompreh | February 3, 2021

The new generation video game consoles released by Microsoft Xbox have awed the Ghanaian fans who are anxious to know the new released Xbox Series X and Series S prices in Ghana. With 2 editions released, there are lot of similarities among them and few differences. They are compatible with Xbox one games and works perfect for all high definition video. Both the Series X and Series S include a slot that allows for expandable storage in the form of cards using the CFexpress connection standard. The differences comes with disc, resolution and price.



Xbox series X

The Xbox Series X is boxy and black in color. Nice to look at with a beautiful green glow mash net at the top. Well, let’s dive into the specs of the Xbox Series X, it comes with a 4K Blu-ray Disc slot which takes in all the games on CDs. The Xbox Series X comes with the high performance  12.1-teraflop GPU processor performance. The installed memory is 16 GB of RAM, making it the highest ram of the Xbox versions released.

xbox series X for sale and prices in Ghana


The installed memory on the Xbox Series X is 16 GB of RAM. The Xbox Series X includes a 1 TB storage drive, which offers about 800 GB of usable space.


The Xbox Series X is a sort of tall block, measuring approximately 6 by 6 inches at the base and about 12 inches tall. The Series S, meanwhile, is 11 by 5.9 by 2.6 inches—it’s the smallest Xbox ever, and it’s designed to be set vertically or horizontally.


xbox series x console in Ghana



The Xbox Series X controllers are magical with much advancement. With the Xbox Series X, the controller is now constantly monitoring for and transmitting button state changes. The controllers reduces the delay between a player’s controller input and the response on screen has improved an average of more than 30% on the Xbox Series X versus the Xbox One X. 


Xbox Series X S Controllers



Price of Xbox Series X

The price for the Xbox Series X ranges from Gh 5,200 – GH 5,800 for all new and in box versions with the specs of the compact models

To buy the Xbox Series X in Ghana, look no further than the various online marketplaces that is Oxglow, Tonaton, jiji.




Xbox series S

The Series S is completely discless. That is it comes without a disc drive. The Series S, meanwhile, is 11 by 5.9 by 2.6 inches—it’s the smallest Xbox ever, and it’s designed to be set vertically or horizontally. Xbox Series S has less-powerful graphics hardware that game developers appear to be targeting for 1080p and sometimes 1440p visuals.


xbox series s reviews prices in ghana



The Xbox Series S features a 4-teraflop GPU and 10 GB of RAM. Meaning, the capacity is lower than the Series X which comes with 16GB.


xbox series s price in ghana



The Xbox Series S has a 512 GB drive with about 360 GB of usable space. This means that it comes with lower storage capacity compared to the Series X.



xbox series s controllers for sale and prices in ghana




Price of Xbox Series S

The price of the Xbox series S falls within the range of Gh 2,000 – GH 2,500. Which is quite lower compared to the Series X. This is also due to the features it comes with which is less favorable or lower in spec compared to the Series X. Slightly used ones might be lower in price.


Where to buy the Xbox series S  in Ghana? Quite easy to search on the various online marketplace in Ghana, thus, Oxglow, Tonaton, Jiji


xbox series s prices in ghana



In Ghana, to give you my take on the Xbox Series X and Series S, if you are on a tight budget, then go for the Xbox Series S. However, the Xbox Series X and Series S offer a lot of the same experiences. But if you expect to play games in 4K, you should choose the Xbox Series X. If you have a lot of Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray discs, plan on buying used games, or just prefer physical media, the Xbox Series X is your only real option. The prices in Ghana will vary slightly depending on where you choose to buy your console. I personally, love the Xbox Series X. But, your choice might be different and you are not wrong. Just go for what suits your needs and purchasing power, these are great next generation high end performance gaming consoles.




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