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iPhone SE 2020 review and Prices in Ghana


Foster Dompreh | January 17, 2021

Apple released the iPhone SE 2020 with an affordable prices in Ghana while maintaining a higher processor performance with the A13 bionic chip which is found in the iPhone 11. 2020 has been a rough year with the COVID19 pandemic ravaging through our personal lives and businesses. However, Apple have released one of the iconic phones this year which is the iPhone SE 2020.



iPhone SE 2020 have several performance rankings, while being economical to the pocket of those searching for new phones released in 2020. A lot of phones released by different brands might cost more, this makes the phone a great deal, since it can performance almost every function of a higher priced phones.


iPhone SE 2020 in Prices in Ghana



The battery life is good as well, guaranteeing 4 – 5hours of Internet usage and screen time, better than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The phone comes with a wireless charging system, making the battery life a little bit easier to deal with.



To cut the chase, the iPhone SE 2020 comes in 3 colors; red, black and white. While the storage capacity of the phones comes in 2 specs; thus, 64GB and 128GB. Searching for a brand new SE 2020 in Ghana with 64GB goes for GH 2,100 which is much cheaper compared to most phones, however, with the 128GB storage capacity goes for GH 2,400. This is cool for phone released in 2020 and high processors.





With great camera pixels in relation to the price, the iPhone SE 2020 comes with 12 Megapixels at the back and 7 Megapixels in front. In good light environment you can’t tell between this low cost phone (GH 2,300) to that of iPhone 11 Pro (GH 5,000) and faster ram processors



The iPhone SE 2020 has the body of an iPhone 6, thus 4.7 inch screen, but bigger than the original SE. The phone is very thin, very light and maneuverable, glass back for wireless charging, speakers at the bottom. Touch id, finger reader. Three colors: red, black and white. Black bezels


You are able to do everything absolutely on a GH 7000 phone like iPhone X or XS Max and 11 Pro on this iPhone SE 2020. Its powerful and economical phone of choice.



buy iphone se 2020 in ghana



The cons:

No night mode

Bigger bezels

Low light photography

No headphone jack


The Pros

Very affordable

Very efficient

High processors and can do everything you want

Performance is great compared to price





The iPhone SE 2020 is not a big deal, but really a good phone compared to the lower prices as indicated above. You can buy them on  In many ways, if you save so much money on a new phone, there are eventually some trade – offs in terms of speed comparatively with very high end and expensive phones. However, you can do much more with this phone with such low budget.



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