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5 Best Ways to Sell Faster Online in Ghana


Foster Dompreh | April 13, 2020

The relatively easier means to sell online in Ghana is incomparable to any other medium. Throughout the online shopping and eCommerce websites in Ghana, there is an opportunity for everyone to sell online. From low-end items ranging from phone accessories, baby clothing, sports jerseys up to high end products like heavy duty trucks, mansions, cars and houses for sale in Ghana. The online Marketplaces in Ghana such as Oxglow, Tonaton, Jiji, Jumia and others have reduce the friction and difficulty to sell and meet potential customers.

However, some of the users who have adopted online marketplaces in Ghana have seen growth in sales and revenue, whiles others too are struggling to make sales due to ineffective practices. With 10years of experience in online sales in Ghana, here are few steps to help you increase revenue and sales by selling faster online in Ghana.


1.    Competitive price

Everyone knows what they want to sell, but the exact pricing eludes many due to the cost of the item and profit margins which could be made. Some wants higher profit margin, others want to sell faster by reducing the margins. Most often the latter sells faster. Best prices means, a little research should be conducted to ascertain average prices for the same item or product. That doesn’t mean sell at a loss, but the price should be competitive. Others are also competitive to sell the same product and customers will compare.

To achieve the competitive price;

  • Browse similar ads and pick a competitive price.
  • Think about how much buyers are willing to pay. The lower the price, the higher the demand.
  • Do not set the price outrageously low, you will either lose money or be flagged as fraudulent.

Remember, pick the right price - everything sells if the price is right.


Prices of Fast Selling Products to Sell Online in Ghana



2.    Great Pictures

One of the pre-requisites to selling online has to do with pictures. Buys love to see what they are deciding to buy, since they do not have access to the physical product or item.  Potential buyers need to have some visual display in the decision making process. One major advantage is well taken pictures of the item in its current state. Example, If you are selling a car, take it to the washing bay, clean it up a little and take pictures of every aspect. The engine, interior, body and others. Just like any other products, at least 6 – 7 pictures of different areas of the product or in different positions will help.

Few key things in the pictures;

  • Use actual photos - ads with photos of the real item get up to 10 times more custermer interests and views than ads with catalogue images.
  • Take clear photos - use good lighting and different angles.

Key note, original pictures of the item or product helps attract customers and improve on sales.


Pictures of houses and cars for sale in Ghana



3.    Choose online marketplace

This is critical, since, there are different online marketplaces. Those which helps you sell faster and others don’t. There are few marketplaces who have presence across the country others are very concentrated in few places. In Ghana, one could choose Oxglow, Tonaton, Jumia, Jiji and others. After identifying the platform suited for the process, create an account and create an ad. Some of them charge other platforms give users the free will to create an ad, you will need to find out. You can also look up for apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and others which serves as a means to sell an item online.

 Take a clue, it is much advisable to use all the marketplaces available, create an ad on them. This helps you to leverage on their customer base.



4.    Apt Description and Details

Very important, describe the items as it is. What do I mean? Do not hide details of a faulty or depreciate item. For example, selling a car with defective or weaker shock absorbers, kindly indicate them. In as much as you want to sell faster, hiding aspects of the car will prolong the selling process. Be candid, give the user a fair idea what they are making decision to buy and it will reduce the selling time and less friction. Example, if you selling a phone with crack screen and weaker battery state it clearly. This is to prevent churn – the anticipation of closing / selling which does not manifest in purchase. Give the exact details and be honest.

Key factors:

More details leads to more interest from potential customers!

Include keywords and information that buyers will be interested in.

Be honest in your description.


Top selling products in Ghana


5.    Accessibility & Promote your ad

Keep your phone close to you. Also, some people offer products for sale with a wrong phone number (Crosscheck), wrong location or unable to be reached by a potential buyer. This will not help in the selling process. Make sure you are accessible and very good to negotiate. Also, take steps to promote your ad, either copying the link to your Facebook page or sharing on WhatsApp groups and status. These are free ad promotion and it works to help you sell faster in Ghana. In many instances you are spreading your network of potential buyers.

list of online marketplaces in Ghana.


In conclusion, to sell faster online is pretty straightforward with no short-corners. Ensure that the product pricing is right through competitive comparison, product description is genuine and honest. Be a good negotiator as well, thus be flexible in pricing, bargain effectively and also ensure not to make loses. Also, ensure that you have various strategies to make people know what you are selling. Through self – promoted ads of your items for sale. Leverage on social media too and your network. Be smart and understand the factors given up there and surely you will improve on sales and revenue by selling online in Ghana.



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